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I venture out to work en plein air when weather and time allows, then I work in the studio using those images as a source to create new pieces. I'm currently making work at Burton Dassett Hills Country Park which has some interesting features in its landscape caused by the old ironstone mining. It's the closest land to where I live now that reminds me of the Derbyshire Dales which I visited often before I moved away from Nottingham and where my parents still live. I love that the land is exposed to the elements, full of sheep, draped with bright green grass and has rocks jutting out of the earth in odd places - the wind whips by - it's very different to the cultivated North Cotswolds lands around.

Initially I look for shapes and patterns of light and shadow, simplify them and try to balance the image - there's a point, a singular moment that holds all my other moments of perception within it. When I'm working in the studio I make new images based on that original point of capture. These paintings and drawings tend to be influenced by my mood and I produce a whole new set of images: a map of my feelings drawn out on the landscape. Some are calm and some are more frazzled - but I guess that's life! I'd call my work semi-abstract and expressionist.