Artists statement (in flux)

I usually make semi-abstract paintings, which are firstly imaginative, and secondarily inspired by remembered scenes. Art is primarily a means of communication by which I can invite a dialogue between my imagination and another person's. I like that it's possible to see something in one of my works that I didn't put there so I try make a painting open-ended; the beginning of a discussion rather than a statement. they are all experiments at the end of the day.

I frequently return to architectural symbols and memories of places to where I have travelled and only snatched a fleeting glimpse. Perhaps that's my way of exploring. Currently I am both fascinated and repelled by office buildings, airports and meeting rooms, by the architecture and interior design: low ceilinged rooms fabricated from synthetic materials, yellow artificial light and air-conditioning; a vision constantly organised by grey-green or black backed chairs, hung up coats, grey boxed cubicles, filing cabinets, waist high corridors, high-traffic carpet, velux blinds and anaemic frosted glazing.

At other times I have been interested in buried signs of human activity in grown-over quarries and the lines in a landscape of cultivated field edges and pylons.

About me
After studying what I hoped was a vocational degree straight after school, I left with vague ideas of doing something creative, and eventually ended up working in an event production company making slides and animated graphics. this was both time absorbing and gave me great opportunities to work in large dark rooms in many different cities around the world. i broke out for a couple 2006 - 2008 to study on a fine art degree course, confirming to me that was what i should have always done. Family commitments eventually dragged me kicking and screaming away from the conference-go-round, giving me a chance to work from home and spend more time making art in between other 'things'.